Easily Earn Upto €100 Per Day With Telegram

Easily Earn Upto €100 Per Day With Telegram

This is a simple way to earn money on a daily basis and the only requirements are that you have Telegram messenger installed on your computer. You can also do it with your mobile phone but it is easier with a computer.

This method is semi-autopilot!

The first few days you will make little money, around €10 a day after the first 2 or 3 days but after a couple of weeks it will be easy to rake in around €100 daily and on semi-autopilot.

I will tell you how…

What you need:

1: A Computer or Laptop

2: Telegram desktop

3: Browser



First Download Telegram Desktop From Here

When you have installed Telegram open this Link

Attention: This is a 100% legit Telegram Bot for earning Dogecoin. You need to earn 4 Dogecoin and it takes around 20 -30 minutes to do this.

When you opened Telegram and clicked on that link you will go into a bot system. Then click on [Start] and start earning Dogecoin with [Visit sites] and [Message bots] like this picture:

When you have earned 4 Dogecoin go to the next step.


First go to Coinbase and sign up if you don´t already have an account there.

This is where you will be transfering the Dogecoins that you are earning with the Telegram Bot.

On the Telegram panel you will see a button called “Referrals”.

Click on it and the following will appear:

You have 0 referrals, and earned 0 DOGE.

To refer people, send them to:

You will earn 15% of each users earnings from tasks and 1% of DOGE they spend on ads.

Copy the referral code and share it on your social networks, forums, friends, etc.

Once people start to join the Telegram channel YOU WILL START EARNING on semi-autopilot!

You can carry on using the Bot to accumulate Dogecoin or rely on sharing your referral link with people and LET THEM EARN FOR YOU!

The choice is yours!

I am now achieving just over €100 a day after 3 weeks and having shared my referral link on hundreds of social networks and forums.

Once a week I withdraw my earnings to my Coinbase account and from there to my associated bank account. EASY MONEY!

I hope that you take action today and start using this method as with a little hard work and patience, this can turn into a recurring money making machine! Trust me!

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